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What to do we want out of our Albumer app? Just simply to be the best. We know that all of us have hundreds, or thousands, of photos just sitting in our phones. Typically, out of these thou sands of photos, we choose 1 or 2 to display on our social media pages, and they’re sent to every single one of our contacts. We built Albumer to create an easy way for you to go through and organize your pho tos, and then to share these photos with just the people involved, using our Albums and Folder system. You create the Album, create Folders within the Album, store your photos within the Folders, and share e ither the Albums or the Folders with just the people you want

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Why use Albumer as your main photo gallery?

Because we said so, that’s why. And, if that’s not a good enough reason, then because we are striving to make Albumer the most easy to use, affordable, yet extensive gal lery application out there. We are intent on supplying you with the most secure cloud storage for your photos and videos, and we will consistently give it to you at the m ost affordable price we can. Also, we want to hear from you, we want to know what you woul d like to see, and we want to build it for you. We want our customers involved in the process of building Albumer. All of your suggestions will go on our task board, and we will update Albumer according to the suggestions of you, our loyal users!

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